2v2 Battle and useless Partners

Hey team,
I’m seeing more and more partners in 2v2 battles who aren’t participating. I can’t tell if it’s due to the multiple connection issues or if it’s just apathy from other players. It’s not a bug per se, but it’s fairly annoying and I’d love to hear how your team is addressing this issue. It’s not fair to take a loss due to a useless partner.


Deep at the core, we’re never going to be able to “fix” this problem — see the thousands and thousands of group competitive games like League of Legends where people rage out on their teammates for losing the game (often times when it’s really their own fault :P)


  • 2v2 is inherently a less controlled experience. Different players like different things — maybe 1v1 is a better experience for your playstyle.

  • Are you playing with alliance members or "rando"s? Maybe you should stick with playing with your alliance, and talk to them about it!

These are randos. My concern isn’t so much controlling it as it’s a massive game. But a suggestion would be a way to report or flag them. It’s important to have a good game experience for players, and these bad eggs aren’t helping with that. The game is playable, despite the bugs and patches that are being worked on. I’m just trying to flag it and figure out what the devs are doing to foster goodwill to those that want to play and see it in a better state, and I was curious what solutions the devs may have in the works. Playing with the alliance is a solution, yes, but as you said, there’s a massive amt of players out there and improvement is trying to play different strategies with different people.

There is one feature I’ve seen that could be useful. In Star Wars: Force Arena there was a feature that allowed a player to drop a beacon on the field viewable only by their ally. Kind of a way to suggest a focus for efforts. Or, in this case, it could be used as a way of tapping the board as if to ask your ally “are you in this?”

I’ve had matches where I thought my ally wasn’t in it and found out they were just biding time.

I have crashed out of a battle as the field loads and left my partner on their own. And I’ve had it happen to me too. When you see your partner has 7 cards and hasn’t built a generator. You’re probably fighting on your own.

Yeah. It’s just super frustrating between the connection issues. Then, you finally get a partner to battle, and of course, the partner just leaves you hanging. I rather have longer connection times and get reliable partners than having to grind and lose it all in one battle. That and better matched partners. One can dream right?

Hey Team, any updates on this, either a system to flag other players or other solution your teams may have come up with. Granted, I’m not seeing as much of this as it’s not the end of the season just yet.

Hey Knightowl - we’re currently focusing on seasons and events work, since that’s where more people are playing games currently (over 2v2). We are continuing to work on the underlying networking infrastructure to keep reducing 2v2 connection error rates, and do plan to work on 2v2 matchmaking after events.

We’ve also discussed things like dropping a ping or flag, but it’s lower on the priority list right now.

Agree this is a great idea… I’d love us to get to implementing this at some point!

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