2v2 balance

I think I figured out one of the big issues in 2v2 balance. The problem is the difference in rank is way too high to work well and frequently frustrates players since the game is a bit underpopulated right now. But I think it really depends on where we are in the PvP season

Here is an example. I’m playing my diamond 3 rank Val and I team with a gold 6 rank Val from my alliance. We are put against a challenger and diamond 5. We have very little chance to beat them.

In the early part of the season we probably need this more as people’s actual ranks have not settled in, but as the season progresses we need the acceptable difference between pair ups to narrow a bit more as people are probably more at their true levels. So what we need is a sliding match up system, relatively broad early on and narrower later on.

And I’ll put in my other plug that I’ve been saying for months. You have to stop pitting people against the same team over and over again especially if the win/loss is one sided. It’s one thing if it’s a good match and you both win and lose about evenly but I’ve faced the same group 5-6 times in a row and lost every time that shouldn’t be allowed to happen.

I hope this makes sense…

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I agree 110% on all of this input. I am Gold 2 across the board and am being teamed against Gold 4 and 5…and a random diamond. There’s no way I’ll win against that.

I could win two battles in a row and lose the next seven. The balance of all aspects of this game are skewed.

Does this encourage a player to pay and support developers? Hell no! Maybe this is why there’s such a drop in quantity of gamers.


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