16.6% chance of legendary

Can you check and see if there is a glitch? Opened 30 Phoenix chests with diamonds and did not receive a single legendary. The odds of this are EXTREMELY low If that is indeed the odds.


Thank you for reporting this. I’ll make sure the person in charge of this sees your note.

I think it’s fair to say that all the chests beyond the single card one are completely broken … which is disappointing when those are not just diamond based but also for rewards.

Needs to be addressed as a priority.

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Same for me @S7campusLifer although I only opened 13 chests not 30. Still, when I bought the pack of 15 before I would usually get 4-5 legendary cards.

Do we have an update? I upgraded turned 3 legendary into dust to lvl up before the million dust came. Used diamonds to buy packs to get them back, and got 0. Usually they happen more regularly than the 1/10. Especially not 0/30

Here’s the update: These labels are super wrong. We’re sorry about that and will be fixing them shortly.

@Donnie2 @Trident please write in to our customer support team using the “Contact us” button in the app and we will figure out how to compensate you for the 30 phoenix chests you opened.

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