11/30 Game Update



We’ve released an update to the game which contains the following changes:

  • Deck slots now unlock based on player level instead of rank.
  • Various changes and improvements, including better rewards, for weekly limited-time quests.


i like it. cinally i can just have my deck.


Do you have plans to do anything about wait time for pvp? You can’t believe that 15 minute wait for a match is acceptable


This game is dead!!! The bugs is not only the problem, but the matchmaking destroy all now…
It’s make no sense to play at diamond+ you waiting few hours or don’t find any game…
That game here it’s the biggest joke and cheated only money…

I don’t know why you changed the matchmaking and say there was a bug… you destroy everything with your update and then you make jokes small new updates??? For what??? Focus of the important think!!!
Or take out the game from the App Store!


Matchmaking please. Just fix it. It’s the very core of the game