Bugs & Feedback

You should be able to sell back cards you don’t want or need (1)
iPhone never goes out if game is active (3)
Game goes back to chat room after 2v2 with alliance mate (3)
Often can't cancel a 1vs1 game search (2)
People are dodging games on the load screen (6)
No login into forum from outside the game is possible (2)
I’ve had 43-45 available upgrades for (2)
Game crashes sometimes after 2vs2 opponents screen (1)
The game doesn't like "network gaps". It freezes if connection gets lost (1)
Seeker missiles in mid (5)
I still keep getting boss blitz quests (1)
Not receiving rewards for the current event - please help! (2)
Not receiving winning reward (3)
Option for back to back same opponent (1)
That matchmaking grind (3)
Can not join in event (3)
Issue with Roxie (2)
I’m currrently stuck with a quest to play 40 units in boss blitz (3)
Lost Connection (3)
Cannot connect to server on ipad (2)
Guild management (6)
Quests that involve boss blitz (4)
Suggestion: Alliance wars (4)
Bug with playing (7)
Update issues bug and stuff (5)
Elite should give a coin bonus (4)
Opened diamond chest and got nothing (3)
Beast Mode matchmaking is TERRIBLE (3)
Elite chest pair lost benefit (6)
Not receiving all cards in chests (7)