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We’re excited to welcome you to the Wild Beyond Forum where you can discuss all manners of things with other Wild Beyond players! Let’s set our factional differences aside and engage in civilized discourse. If you’re new here, please read our Code of Conduct before posting.

General Discussion

Use this category to discuss any and all things about Wild Beyond that doesn’t have its own category. For all things unrelated to Wild Beyond, please post to our Off-Topic category.


We’ve set aside this category as a place for the community to teach new players how to play, share new strategies amongst veterans, and everything in between! Do you have the itch to min-max? Got a knack for the theorycraft? Have a sick spreadsheet to share? You’ve come to the right place! Whether youmost identify with Ascension, Rogue, or Legion all are welcome here to learn and improve.

Alliance Recruiting

This category has been made for teams to recruit additional players to their Alliances.

Event Discussion

This category is reserved to discuss events and event strategies. Please remember that while events are competitive, any personal attacks directed at each other will not be tolerated.

Bugs & Feedback

This category is for reporting bugs and feedback for Wild Beyond. Please attach any screenshots and descriptions that would help describe what you’re seeing, or what could be improved.


This category is for discussing things unrelated to Wild Beyond. Aside from abiding by our Forum Codes of Conduct, we ask that you please use the “Blur Spoiler” option if you are discussing media (film, animation, television, etc.) so that it is hidden like this: Nash loves puppies.

Privacy Policy & Agreement

This category is to host all the privacy policy and cookie agreements for Wild Beyond